QA Below Zero
QA Below Zero
20 Explorers | 75 km | - 30 °C

Winter is

In February 2023 a team from NHS hospitals across the UK will brave a 75km arctic trek to raise money for charity

Raising money for Genie’s Wish (registered charity 1193000)


The Challenge

Explorers : 20;Temperature: - 30°C;Trek : 75 km;

QA Below Zero - The Ultimate Challenge

From the 8th to13th February 2023 the team of nurses, doctors, surgeons, HCAs, and ODPs will take on their most ambitions challenge yet: A 75 kilometre, 3 day trek through the Finnish arctic wilderness in the heart of winter.

The challenge is in aid of Genie’s Wish Charity which helps disadvantaged children and young adults throughout the UK achieve their dreams.

Our Charity Partner

The Genie’s Wish charity help make wishes come true for children and young adults with severe or terminal illness, and young carers. We are proud to support the amazing work they do. Click the link below to find out more.

Countdown to the challenge

8 - 13 Feb 2023

Countdown to the challenge

The Team

Captain Andy Jones will lead 20 brave challengers into the abyss

Fundraising & Events

Target to raise : £ 75,000

The team will be undertaking various fundraisers between Jan 2022 - Feb 2023 to raise money for the challenge. Please come along, have fun, and help us achieve our target! 

Total Raised : £84,853100%

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A huge thank you to all our sponsors

A huge thank you to our wonderful corporate and personal sponsors for all of your support

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